A Year in Review

Episode 47 December 28, 2021 00:45:13
A Year in Review
The Back 40
A Year in Review

Show Notes

What a year it's been! First, a huge thank you to all of our guests and listeners for your support throughout the year! Because of you we have been able to share the stories of 46 different guests doing incredible work in agriculture! For our last and final episode of the year, we are joined by Tracy MacDonald, President & CEO of Trillium Mutual Insurance. Tracy joins us as we take a look back at some of the incredible stories and highlights from The Back 40 in 2021. We have been joined by some inspirational and motivating guests this year and we look forward to bringing you more stories from the ag industry in 2022!

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March 02, 2021 00:34:06

Let's Talk Fire Prevention

This week on The Back 40 we are joined by Pierre-André Meunier of PrevTech Innovations.  PrevTech is a Quebec based company that is making noise in the agricultural industry.  Their smart sensor technology provides 24/7 monitoring of the health of a farms’ electrical systems.  The system sends alerts directly to the farmer, that serve as an early warning sign of equipment malfunctions or temperature changes in an electrical panel that could lead to a barn fire.  Their ultimate goal is to help prevent costly downtimes and major losses for the farmer.     ...


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Farm Tech of The Future (Drones in Agriculture)

Russ Barker joins us for episode #8 of The Back 40 Podcast to discuss his experience with drones in the agricultural industry.  Russ is the owner of Better Crops by Barker, a pioneer seed dealer and a Certified Crop Advisor.  He recently started incorporating drone technology into his work to help him and his clients see the patterns of crop growth and damage.  The drone technology allows farmers to create a much clearer picture and helps them identify problems in their fields earlier so that they can implement solutions much quicker.  Join us as Russ discusses the current state of drone technology and what is in store for the future. ...


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Adapting to a Virtual World

On this episode of The Back 40 we are joined by Marianne Fallis, Senior Manager of Programming with 4-H Ontario.  4H’s motto is “learn to do by doing” and that mentality flows into their meetings and activities that they organize for youth all across Canada.  They exist to build and provide youth with the tools to develop into community leaders that effect positive change around them.  Marianne will be discussing how 4H has shifted their programs online in order to continue providing youth an outlet to learn more about topics such as Ontario’s agricultural industry, mental health and leadership. ...